The Graduate School of Gender Studies regularly arranges postgraduate courses and seminars, some of them in English.

Courses autumn 2016- spring 2017:

Arbete, organisation och genus. 7,5 hp

Kurs ger en avancerad introduktion till det breda forskningsfältet arbete, organisation och genus. Såväl klassiska som samtida vetenskapliga texter behandlas. Under kursens gång får vi träffa gästlärare som är experter inom fältet. Kursstart våren 2017.

Kursansvariga: Elin Kvist och Britt-Inger Keisu


Writing Ethnography

A follow up to the course ”Doing Ethnography” that was held spring 2016. More info will come.

Course responsible: Helena Pettersson

Embodiment and gendered subjectivities, 7,5 hp

The course gives an advanced introduction to conceptual and theoretical approaches to analyse the body, embodiment, and gendered subjectivity. With guest lecturers from the fields of transgender studies, crip-theory and fat studies we will explore and interpret embodiment, health and well being through the lenses of cisnormativity, able-bodiedness, fitness and thin privilege. With this focus, the course will be especially attuned to problematize and destabilize concepts of normality in neoliberal and conservative times. 

Course responsible: Maria Carbin
last day for applying: 1 March, email: Veronika Lodwika
Schedule (preliminary)

Please, send an e-mail to our education coordinator Veronica Lodwika if you want to apply to any of our courses

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