The Graduate School of Gender studies - Education at postgraduate level

Umeå Centre for Gender Studies offers postgraduate education within the Graduate School of Gender Studies as UCGS. The Graduate School is an interdisciplinary collaboration where the students belong to two departments: UCGS and the department that is associated with the topic of the student’s dissertation.

The Graduate School of Gender Studies’ model for postgraduate education is unique. The combination of traditional disciplinary studies with courses, seminars, workshops and intensive meetings that include a gender and interdisciplinary approach provides students with a broader range of skills and tools for developing critical reflection skills.

Furthermore, interdisciplinary training and international contacts prepare our graduate students for future research collaborations. The gender profile provides a theoretical and methodological depth and an ability to ”think outside the box”. The graduate students who have completed postgraduate studies at the Graduate School of Gender Studies have been able to strengthen their competitiveness both within and outside the academic job market.

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